About the island Lådna

About the island

Lådna is an island that is populated with aproximatly 50 residents and has a cow and chicken farm. There’s also a store where you can buy som localy grown crops and a well equipped store/gas station that’s open all year.
In order to reach Lådna you’ll take on of the ferries, that are administrated by Vaxholmsbolaget, that is trafficing the Archpelago the full year.

The island itself is full of pretty walking tracks and nice trail through the woods. A lot of the
På ön finns fina promenadvägar och vackra strövområden i skogarna. Most of the land is owned by Skärgårdsstiftelsen and is a nature preservative. Hemviken is known by sailors as a safe harbour.

“Lådnamacken” is situated in the south part of Lådna. At the start it used to be just a small Gas station, but has growned to be a a full store (that actually is a floating house!!). A great tip is visit the store and have an ice cream a the store and just enjoy the rural social life.

During summers the store is open between 9am – 8pm (most of the tima at least) In ordet to be on the safe side, call +46 (0)8 542 47 321 and check!

Map over surrounding island

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